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Bitcoin Halving and its impact on the Indonesian economy

This document discusses Bitcoin Halving and its importance in cryptocurrency markets, focusing on how it affects inflation and the scarcity of Bitcoin. It also looks at how this event impacts Indonesia's economy, including investment trends and market dynamics.

DeFi’s Trajectory – A Data Driven Analysis

From a 2018 chatroom whisper to an $86 billion giant, DeFi's meteoric rise redefined finance. DEXs boomed, stablecoins soared, and even a bear market couldn't stop user growth. Ethereum reigns supreme, but with a 42.5% CAGR forecast, the future belongs to DeFi's open, transparent, and revolutionary vision.

Change in Digital Asset Custody

Cryptocurrency exploded, pushing demand for secure storage. Digital asset custody, once neglected, saw a 600% surge, attracting billions in VC investments and major player acquisitions. The future of finance prioritizes security, and custody is at the forefront.

5 Ways Crypto Exchanges can safeguard their funds

In this case study, we will explore five effective strategies that crypto exchanges can implement to protect their funds from hacks and thefts. By implementing these measures, exchanges can increase their security posture and instill trust in their customers.

A Decade of Hacks

This research document delves into a decade's worth of notable security incidents within the burgeoning realm of cryptocurrency, spanning from 2010 to 2020. Through a comprehensive analysis of these events, this study aims to shed light on the evolving landscape of crypto security, its vulnerabilities, and the subsequent measures taken to fortify the digital financial ecosystem.

Implementation Guide for a Full System

Strengthen your institution’s cryptocurrency security with the CryptoCurrency Security Standard Implementation Guide. This essential resource provides you with insights and strategies to protect your digital assets from changing threats. Download the guide to make informed decisions and enhance the security of your investments in the dynamic world of digital assets. Co-authored by Manan Vora (Liminal) and Marc Krisjanous (Confide)

How Exchanges Can Earn More Through Staking?

Unleash the untapped potential of your digital asset exchange or management business with our groundbreaking case study. Explore proven strategies and insights on leveraging staking to optimize revenue, attract investors, and harness the opportunities presented by the thriving digital asset market. Gain a competitive edge and transform your business into a flourishing ecosystem for digital asset stakers and traders.

A Surge In Indonesia’s Positioning As A Web3 Giant

Of all the geographies that have attempted to introduce justified regulatory and compliant infrastructure to conduct digital asset focused services, Indonesia has been at the forefront of this movement. If you come under the category of a VASP and are looking to expand your business into Indonesia or, in general, looking to increase the foothold of your application in a crypto-friendly country, this case study will help you understand the market at length and will also showcase how Indonesia has evolved in its stature of being a hotspot for digital asset service providers in the last few years.

Find Out How You Can Benefit From A Fully Self-Custodial Wallet Architecture