Safeguard your digital assets by switching to a regulated, insured and qualified custodian

Liminal incorporates a custodial infrastructure to protect institutional wallets, built with a security and compliance-first approach to deliver bank-grade custody of your digital assets
Digital Asset Custody

Explore the best-in-class regulated custody protocol embedded with enterprise-level compliance integrations

Find the essential checkpoints to comply with the regulations in your current and expanding jurisdictions. Get seamless integration for Travel Rule, KYT, AML, CFT from leading providers like Notabene, Elliptic and TRM Labs with Liminal custody solutions

Liminal boosts Multi-Sig and MPC technology coupled with a Firewall setting to automate policy enforcement security in your wallet ecosystem

To solve the wallet ownership and workflow problem in custody, you only need to integrate Liminal Firewall. Solve signer distribution, complex policy creation and rule-based settings to attain fluid transaction processing and management

Insurance Protection

Cloud Node - Key Shard1

Remote location in Cloud Protection:

Mobile -
Key Shard2

Recovery package - backup1

Insurance Protection

Backup recovery key

Recovery package - backup2

Liminal brings an expanded suite of features on top of custody

Highest Security Measures

Liminal employs state-of-the-art encryption, multi-signature and information security certifications(ISO 27001&27701, SOC Type II, CCSS level 3) to fortify the security of your digital assets

Regulated Custody

Liminal is a regulated custodian entity in Hong Kong currently with a TCSP license, boosting your compliance adherence and maintaining institutional-grade asset management. Soon to gain compliance license by AGDM

Risk Mitigation

By entrusting your assets to Liminal’s trusted custodial wallets, you significantly reduce the risk of loss due to theft, as we keep them locked in cold wallets and backed by leading HSM devices to limit unauthorized access

Get dedicated support from our custody operations team to run and manage your custody in your region

Empowering institutions with tailor-made wallet operations in an efficient custody infrastructure

Maintain balanced liquidity between your hot and cold to fulfil withdrawal requests at all times. Draft custom policies for whitelisting, transaction limits, and user roles for your custody wallet to fuel your wallets automatically


Ready to switch to a secure and regulated custody for your organisation's wallet?