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Unlock secure DeFi access across EVM and non-EVM blockchains

Built-in deep integration with Metamask Institutional and Wallet Connect will help you securely plug seamless connectivity to thousands of DeFi dApps via Liminal Vaults. An infrastructure made to scale DeFi transactions safely
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Enabling seamless DeFi connectivity with added compliance

Manage wallet governance through our MPC-enabled wallets, set automated asset workflows, interact with dApps, and undergo rigorous approval for the secure execution of your DeFi strategy
Liminal Dashboard View
Liminal Vaults single hub dashboard acess

Access DeFi protocols with MetaMask Institutional & Wallet Connect Integrations

With in-built deep integrations with Wallet Connect and MetaMask Instituional (MMI), Liminal Vaults is your single hub dashboard to acess the best DeFi protocols

Extract maximum out of your wallets securely through our stack of DeFi integration

Want to utilize your wallet and assets to improve liquidity, keeping the security levels intact while browsing through DeFi?