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Institutional Staking

Find the perfect balance between efficient and secure staking functionality

Managing staking operations involves tackling three key factors: custody, maintenance and validator run-time. With Liminal’s simple process and easy-to-use dashboard, you can address all these concerns to stake and manage your rewards securely in a unified manner

Unlock hassle-free Staking for your Institution

Managing your staked assets across different platforms can be confusing and time-consuming. With Liminal’s Staking platform, manage all your staking operations with ease from one central hub. Allocate assets from safe wallets, check lock-in periods, calculate rewards, and create real-time reports

Supported tokens and their APR rates


APR upto 14.5%


APR upto 21.53%

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APR upto 3.31%

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APR upto 7.95%


APR upto 5.12%

Protocol Coming Soon...

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Stake confidently, bypassing counterparty risk of centralised exchanges

Liminal’s Institutional Staking solution solves the core problem of secure staking, allowing you to stake on institutional grade validators directly from your cold wallet. Our cold wallets are further protected by Multi-Sig and MPC configurations to allow you to create staking transaction workflow, policy and stake and unstake with complete autonomy
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Onboard your users to stake by facilitating staking service for them and expand your service categories

Liminal’s staking solution can facilitate you to share extra earned rewards with your users and add a new revenue stream to your current setup

Bringing staking rewards by collaborating with the industry leader in institutional staking

We have partnered with Figment, a leader in digital asset staking, to deliver consistent and stable returns on your locked position with minimized risk of slashing, simplified transaction and rewards reporting for exceptional tracking

What to expect from Liminal Staking?

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