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Wallet Infrastructure

Securely Scale Your Wallets with Liminal

Liminal’s Wallet-as-a-Service is an API-driven solution designed to safeguard private keys, execute asset transfers based on policies and thresholds, and ensure seamless compliance adherence for secure operations

Enhance your institutional wallet with advanced key distribution using MPC & Multi-Sig

Managing wallets for millions of users requires a robust technology. But with Liminal, you can break free from these technical limitations. You get to choose between MPC and Multi-Sig to tailor your wallets (both Hot and Cold) to your needs, making your assets more secure, with smoother transactions, while reducing gas fees.

Maximise transaction efficiency with Liminal's integrated automation engine.

Implement a comprehensive transaction screening process for full security and compliance

Liminal Firewall provides you with an extensive solution to scale your transactions by directing approvals, setting payment boundaries and tracking transaction intent. This level of transaction workflow management can help you create smoother wallet operations overall

Easily build your wallet infrastructure on top of robust and secure Liminal Express REST APIs.

Liminal Express presents a sophisticated API integration to speed up the process of securely building your wallet infrastructure. It is the perfect tool for developers to build institutional wallets with customisable settings.

Language independent framework

Liminal Express is built on dynamic rest API and not on SDK architecture to make the integration language independent

Internal ecosystem deployment

Liminal Express can be deployed into an existing infrastructure to widen its scope of wallet and asset security

No external access

Liminal Express, once deployed into an infrastructure, can only be accessed by its admin and internal stakeholders

Encapsulated integration experience

Integrating Liminal Express API within any infrastructure is easy. All packages in API are encapsulated so no need to install any package to run it

Deploy wallets with industry-grade security measures to safeguard your digital assets at all times

Prepare to tackle thefts, hacks and vulnerabilities of any kind with our highest level of security audits and certifications to protect your online and offline wallets.

CCSS Level-3 QSP for digital asset vulnerabilities

ISO 27001 & 27701 for information and private identify information security

SOC II Type II for customer data management


Take a look into the implementation of Liminal’s wallet-as-a-service firsthand in a leading crypto exchange

Take a step closer to achieving full compliance for your wallets by utilising Liminal's regulated custody offering

Start running your wallet operations from a secure and scalable infrastructure