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Make the most of arbitrage opportunities with streamlined digital asset operations

Managing assets can be challenging when processing multiple transactions on different platforms. Liminal’s extensive automation, settlement, and counterparty integrations help you move your assets seamlessly across trading venues

Connect all the apps in a single platform for streamlined operations and reduced costs

Liminal’s off-exchange settlement and Metamask institutional integration enable secure transactions, rebalancing, and gas fee reduction from your favorite centralized and decentralized exchanges
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Reduce reliance on manual operations for recurring transactions

Liminal’s automated workflows, smart consolidation, smart refill wallets and MPC-enabled wallets, built with top-notch compliance integrations provide a secure and efficient solution for managing digital assets

Secure your market-making operations with advanced algorithms for risk mitigation

Deliver superior liquidity provision and risk mitigation for your clients with Liminal's secure, efficient, and sustainable market-making services