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Whitelabel Custody

Why build a wallet solution from scratch when you can accelerate time-to-market with Liminal’s Whitelabel Solution

Opt for our distinct Managed Custody and Self-Custody solutions. Select the one that suits your needs, add your custom frontend branding with our backend infrastructure, and launch your custom digital asset application

Directly offload your custody to Liminal or manage it on your own in an online and offline setting

With Liminal’s Whitelabel solution, you have the option to entrust us with the custody of your hot and cold wallets, or you can secure the private keys independently using our advanced MPC and Multi-Sig secure functionality
Customise Digital Asset Dashboard View

Explore endless possibilities with Liminal’s Whitelabel solution

Wallet Management

Allow your users to manage their hot and cold wallets, including creation, archive wallets & more

Wallet Management

Allow your users to manage their hot and cold wallets, including creation, archive wallets & more

MPC-based security

Create MPC wallet for Initiator and Signer on-the-go with Liminal Vaults iOS & Android app
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Policy reinforcement

Allow customers to define hourly or daily spending limits on their wallets and define a set amount to be sent to whitelist addresses per transaction

Quick reporting

Allow customers to track and verify all of their digital asset movements,  generate summaries and detailed reports
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Gas Station

Run our gas fee saver algorithm to save upto 15% on EVM & Non-Evm chain transactions

Speed up your personalised custody solution integration within your existing protocol using a 100% API-led whitelabel solution

Deploy your very own enterprise-grade whitelabel custody solution using our set of APIs along with a dedicated support team to help you at every stage of deployment for a quick turnaround

Future-proof your whitelabel solution with accounting, compliance and regulation processes

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Accounting Made Simple

Effortlessly monitor and oversee your customers' digital assets using our streamlined accounting admin panel and accounting instruments

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Complete Customer Compliance

Stay at the forefront of regulations and safeguard your customers through our thorough KYC and compliance solutions

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Mandated Regulation Check

Liminal holds a TCSP license in Hong Kong and In-Principle Approval from FSRA in ADGM. A Singapore license is pending MAS regulations, and the VARA custody license process is underway.

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