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Automation Engine

Streamline, optimize, and scale your wallet operations with the power of automation to unlock their full potential

Create policies, thresholds and workflows to automate the movement of your digital assets governed by Liminal’a automation engine to maximize productivity and security

Eliminate the inefficiencies associated with manual transfers between hot and cold wallets

Liminal breaks down manual transactions and applies a layer of automation to ease the process of asset transfer by enabling policy-based movement

Smart Refill

Direct assets from Cold Wallet to Hot-Withdrawal-Wallet
Transaction Checks Icon

Transaction Scheduling

Set pre-coded timer on specific transactions and pre-sign them

Smart Consolidation

Consolidate deposit balance to withdrawal or cold wallets

Ensure adequate liquidity in your wallets at all times when processing millions of transactions

Set up wallet refilling and sweeping features, adaptable to demand and risk ratios

Liminal is your gateway to effortless wallet operations