Securely deploy your trading strategies across DeFi and CeFi trading venues

Efficiently manage and delegate your funds with Liminal’s range of connected digital asset wallets and custody solutions, which feature robust security measures, compliance checks with relevant regulations, and efficient functionality.

Enhance trading efficiency on exchanges and dApps with seamless access

Leverage safe custody while accessing all the major exchanges and dApps. Connect to an interoperable market, keeping your transactions scalable and eliminating counterparty risks.

Seamlessly integrate with API keys on top of our asset protection and management framework

Optimize yield generation by securely staking your PoS assets in cold storage

Advanced security parameters and processes to protect your assets and streamline operations

Save Gas Fees upto 15% when making transactions on hot & cold wallets

Support travel rule, transaction monitoring and KYC/AML compliance checks

Get top-of-line security certifications like ISO, SOC 2 Type II and CCSS Level 3

Assign transaction signing and approval permissions to different teams for enhanced security

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