Liminal secures FSP license from FSRA in ADGM   Read more

Regulated Digital Asset Custody

Secure your digital assets with regulated custody in
Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)

Liminal’s Middle East entity, First Answer Middle East Limited has secured the FSP License in ADGM from the FSRA. marking a significant milestone in our journey.

Transparent storage of your digital assets

World’s First and Only CCSS Level 3 Full-System Custodian

Assets are stored in FIPS-certified Hardware devices
Seed phrases are stored and backed-up in bank-grade devices
Keys are stored in geographically distributed multi-sig wallets
Realtime incident management with 24/7 SOC monitoring

Achieve 100% compliance with
Liminal Firewall

An intuitive rule-based engine to pre-screen all your transactions for risks, compliance checks and anomalies

Deploy your funds to earn yields, convert to fiat or trade on exchanges with Liminal Hub

Collateral Management

Lend or borrow against your assets in a secure manner


Seamlessly convert your digital assets to fiat of your choice

Exchange Connection

Manage your assets in a single platform by connecting existing accounts from different exchanges

Institutional Staking

Allocate your assets towards PoS staking directly from cold wallet and earn high yields with no slashing risk

Off-Exchange Settlement

Trade on exchanges without transferring custody of your assets to them

Round-the-clock reliability with 24/7
business operations

Dedicated Customer Support

Ensure smooth custody operations with concierge onboarding and dedicated account manager
Reporting Icon

Dependable Reporting

Create customized reports for all your wallets, balances, and transactions

Round-the-clock availability

Get 24*7 availability to process your transactions at all times

4-hour SLAs

Experience industry-leading 4-hour transaction approval on all days

Set custom parameters to control your governance, teams and policies

Flexible Roles

Assign specific roles (Owner, Admin, Member) with tailored access permissions for each user, ensuring only authorized individuals can perform specific activities
Precise Access Control icon

Precise Access Control

Restrict actions based on user roles, minimizing risk and preventing unauthorized transactions

Whitelisted Addresses

Restrict fund transfers to pre-approved addresses, strengthening security and compliance

Transaction & Spending Limits

Set limits on single transactions and overall spending within a timeframe, providing additional risk management tools

Dedicated Teams

Create separate teams for each wallet, aligning access and permissions with specific projects or requirements
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Enhanced Collaboration

Facilitate efficient teamwork and transparent management of digital assets within designated groups

Support all the FSRA approved Virtual Assets like

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Ethereum Logo


BNB Chain Logo

BNB Chain




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Bitcoin Cash

and more

Affiliated with leading industry associations

One platform for every business type

Liminal addresses digital asset custody challenges for a host of institutions

HNIs & Family Offices

Secure your assets, manage succession/inheritance planning to minimize risk and enhance your governance controls

OTC Desks

Streamline workflows with pre-defined policies through our firewall engine and settle transactions instantly with our fast SLAs


Find a hybrid wallet infrastructure of cold custody wallet and hot self-custody wallet for maximum protection and ease of operations

Hedge Funds

Deploy your funds securely and efficiently without any third-party risk

Asset Managers

Generate returns for your clients without worrying about the security of their funds

Private Equities & Venture Capitals

Establish investor confidence with secure custody, governance, insurance, and expand liquidity with staking

Government Bodies

Secure digital asset holdings with complaint, insured and expert-build custody

Corporate Treasuries

Work with compliant custodial platform to minimise fraud risks and hacks powered by enhanced risk management tools

Ready to upgrade to a secure and compliant custody