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End-to-end solution for Web3 protocols to run secure, intuitive and scalable operations

Most Web3 protocols sit at the juncture of innovation and user acquisition that can be built well if integrated with the right set of wallet, platform and asset security. Liminal presents an uber-easy solution for businesses to scale their dApps by inputting the right infrastructure

Secure and expandable wallet infrastructure for native Web3 applications

Onboard your NFT treasury for safe and optimised management, from minting to airdrops

The NFT market is growing daily, and so are the security threats on them from genesis to user artworks. Run your NFT operations on Liminal to not just safeguard them but to add stealth into your collection

Earn secure yield on your assets with institutional staking

Liminal has partnered with Figment to provide cold-wallet staking without the hassle of running validator nodes and maintaining sustainable yields

Stake native chain token

Find the most popular tokens with the highest market cap to stake, such as MATIC, ATOM, ADA, SOL & ETH
MPC-powered staking wallets Icon

MPC-powered staking wallets

Govern your wallets dedicated to staking efficiently with MPC to distribute singing permissions securely

One-click analysis

Optimise investment strategy with detailed transaction reports and streamlined staking analysis for convenient reporting

Take a secure approach for DeFi strategies and capitalise positions across major dApps

Step into the DeFi universe to access exciting investment prospects while ensuring secure trading and wallet custody. With Liminal Vaults, you can seamlessly connect to popular DeFi applications and conduct transactions with confidence using our robust infrastructure
Digital Asset Wallet Dashboard

Invest and manage your digital assets securely across Web3 protocols with Liminal