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Looking to integrate a feature-packed wallet and custody infrastructure?

Liminal Express RESTful APIs can provide you with the right tools to build the most secure, compliant and efficient foundation for your digital assets

What makes Liminal Express integration seamless?

Liminal Express offers a sophisticated API integration to expedite the process of securely constructing your wallet infrastructure. It’s the ideal tool for developers to create institutional wallets with customisable settings
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Utilising dynamic REST APIs

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Can be deployed easily

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Wallet management permissions

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Express API

Begin your journey with Liminal APIs as your launchpad for creating, deploying, and overseeing applications.

Development Guides

Dive into Liminal’s toolkit with REST API, Postman Collection and SDKs for smoother development.

Best Practices

Maximize Liminal’s API using our optimization and security tips. Learn about role-based controls, rate limits, and ensure smooth integration.

Webhooks & Notifications

Effortlessly automate notifications for a range of events, from transaction activity to status updates, by setting up webhooks with Liminal.

Explore Liminal Express and our developer support portal to start building your secure infrastructure today