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Secure and automate your digital asset transaction compliance with Liminal Firewall

Liminal’s Firewall adds a layer of dynamic policy control to your organisation’s transactions, screening them against multiple parameters to ensure that all incoming and outgoing transactions are secure and compliant.

Tailor policies to your business risk profile and needs with our intuitive rule engine

Stay protected with fully customised, rule-based policies to track and approve transactions. Firewall prescreens all transactions for security, compliance, and anomaly threats before sending them to the signer.

Ensure Travel Rule and KYT compliance with our built-in integration

Seamlessly integrate with compliance providers like Notabene, TRM Labs and more for travel rule and KYT compliance. Automate your entire compliance operation to comply with jurisdictional requirements.

Customise firewall policies to meet your specific needs, regardless of transaction type or scale

Upgrade your security and compliance framework through comprehensive transaction screening with Liminal Firewall