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ZebPay is one of the largest crypto exchange platforms that started its journey from India in 2014, and today it has 5.5+ million users across 160+ countries. It supports more than 150 cryptocurrencies and has already surpassed $10 Billion in fiat transactions.

Problem Statement

ZebPay is a pioneer in providing fast, secure and simple trading solutions. However, with the growing adoption of crypto, its demand increased. With this increase in demand, the volume of transactions went up. This further led ZebPay to face operational and technical issues in managing user deposits and withdrawals.

ZebPay’s head of blockchain, Rahil Shaikh, added, “Hot wallets are used to process customer withdrawals, and as a best security practice, we make sure funds in these wallets are minimum. But this also means that wallets are monitored and refilled regularly to keep them operational. This takes a toll on our resources.”

Hence, as these hot wallets have minimal funds, they need continuous refilling. Meanwhile, when customers deposit their funds, they are manually sent to cold wallets. This is why there is a continuous need for manual sweeping too.

It is an undeniable fact that manual work has various drawbacks like:

Hence, an exchange that supports over 150 cryptocurrencies and has millions of users needed a better wallet infrastructure to manage their user deposits and withdrawals.

The Solution

Liminal’s automated sweeping and Smart Refill Wallets provided a secure, faster, and seamless way for customer deposits and withdrawals. Smart Refill Wallets are customizable multisig wallets that completely automate the hot wallet refill process in a secure manner. It serves as a bridge between the user deposit and user withdrawal hot wallets on the crypto platform.

ZebPay configured it simply by specifying the wallet refill parameters and customized various parameters like the number of refill transactions, amount per transaction, threshold limit in a hot wallet to initiate a smart refill, and cooldown period between each refill to automate the entire refill process.

Moreover, Liminal has written custom scripts in its APIs and SDKs that allow exchanges like Zebpay to automate the sweeping process from User Deposit wallets to Smart Refill Wallets. Hence, it becomes very convenient and effortless for developers of exchanges to move funds.

The Results

ZebPay has implemented a secured automated infrastructure on its platform. This overall improves the business efficiency and customer experience. ZebPay no longer needs to have a manual refill team to simply monitor and refill hot wallets. ZebPay’s users can now have faster withdrawals. Besides, while saving time and money, the chances of human errors have become zero.

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