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Liminal x TIAR: Unlocking Safety in Fantasy Sports

November 8, 2023

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Liminal x TIAR

The concept of metaverse and NFTs has transformed how we look at sports fantasy now. It is unreal to see how fast this age-old application has transformed with the onset of decentralisation and Web3 technology. 

Even in this ecosystem, sports entertainment as a use-case isn’t particularly new or unexplored. Rather, it captured a significant market value last year, $1.3 billion to be precise (doubled from last year), according to a report by Market Decipher on Sports NFT Market

Just as with any use case in Web3, where there is so much passion and value associated, threats and vulnerabilities are always present. And at Liminal, we are expertly building for such scenarios and dApps only to provide value to them (indirectly more to their users) in terms of providing a safe haven to run their experience and create a trustworthy platform for the sports enthusiasts to plug into and enjoy their favourite game even more. 

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Liminal’s Advanced Wallet Infrastructure Powers TIAR’s Fantasy Sports Experience

At Liminal, we started out by solving the problem of wallet and custody infrastructure for trading applications with massive user deposits and withdrawals, large treasuries, and complex transaction operations. But as we’ve grown and our product has evolved, we’ve expanded our reach to support and streamline new use cases with the same level of security, operations, and asset management measures. 

Continuing this trend, we are excited to announce that TIAR, a decentralised sports fantasy application, has joined our client roster. TIAR will integrate our institutional-grade wallet and custody solution to enhance its fan engagement platform and deliver trust and efficiency to its users.

Our vision to solve the fundamental problems in wallet infrastructure, asset security, controlled flow of assets and installing efficiency and scalability into consumer-facing Web3 applications comes to light with such a partnership. What TIAR is building for sports enthusiasts is an absolute market today. With our advanced security and efficient integration, they’ll be able to run their operations smoothly, eliminating the risk of hacks, threats and single points of failure for their assets and that of their users. 

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Mahin Gupta

Founder, Liminal

We are excited to witness the embedding of our infrastructure into TIAR’s platform, which will create a streamlined way for their wallet, security and engineering teams to deploy user wallets quickly, add policy customisation on multiple levels, distribute key wallet governance between their teams, save overhead costs on transactions and comply with the latest compliance checks across the platform. 

Adding Security, Scalability & Sustainability In TIAR’s Fantasy Sports Platform

As we continue to push the boundaries for institutions leveraging digital assets to create all-engaging, user-centric, reward-based applications, we are excited to see our architecture being deployed in TIAR’s infrastructure to facilitate customised, optimised and secure operations. 

Wallet Automation: TIAR will be extensively using our smart refill, swap and consolidation features to manage the balances in their hot wallets, keeping track of assets deposited and fulfilling withdrawal requests at all times. Our automation engine will make it super-efficient for TIAR to track and balance their hot wallet during high-frequency transfers.

MPC-HSM Protected Governance: TIAR will rely on our MPC-configured wallets powered by an HSM-protected framework to encapsulate best key management practices and distribute wallet ownership across the board to eliminate any single point of failure. Our non-custodial wallet infra will pave the way for TIAR to safeguard their private keys and commit to industry-standard self-custody practice.

Bank-Grade Security: TIAR’s user-first sports fantasy experience, allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs, will benefit greatly from our deployed security protocols, including ISO and SOC certifications for information security and internal process controls, and CCSS Level-3 certification for exclusive digital asset security standards.

Redefining Fantasy Sports For Secure & Efficient Experience

At Liminal, we have made definite progress in accelerating the deployment of our wallet infra, enabling institutions to operate with the highest levels of security and treasury management and policy-managed workflows.

In our partnership with TIAR, we are focused on building a secure layer around their platform that simplifies wallet operations and instils trust and confidence in users regarding the security of their assets.

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