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Secure your Avalanche wallets with Liminal's enterprise-grade custody solutions

If you are building on top of the Avalanche chain or integrating the AVAX chain into your application, Liminal brings a robust, secure, automated, and regulated environment to process and manage your AVAX treasury

Why opt for Liminal for your Avalanche project's custody requirements?

Rely on Liminal’s robust infrastructure to securely build natively or add Avalanche in your project

Exclusive Benefits for Avalanche Partners

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Price Discount

70% discount, paying only $890 monthly
for the first six months of the program

Gas-free Transactions

Liminal covers all transaction fees
for the AVAX wallet on Avalanche

Dedicated Manager

Expertise of an Avalanche wallet/
blockchain architect

Support SLA

Queries answered and resolved within
24 hours

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