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Liminal x XRPL: Securing Blockchain Built For Business

| January 2, 2024

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Liminal x XRPL

At Liminal, we have continuously pushed forth the narrative that secure digital asset custody hinges on a robust underlying blockchain ecosystem. 

That’s why we continuously prioritise partnering with established blockchain protocols to build native infrastructure for web3-focused organisations to establish safe custody and compliant operations inherently. 

Expanding our suite of supported blockchains, we are excited to integrate XRP Ledger, a high-performance, decentralised and distributed blockchain, into our custody and wallet platform.

Unlock the potential of digital assets for your institution

This integration will allow builders to plug their XRP-based assets into Liminal powered multi-sig custody featuring compliance checks, policy-controlled transaction processing and deployment of institutional-grade security measures. 

Liminal Bolsters XRPL Security for a Trusted Ripple Ecosystem

Our XRPL integration will pave the way for secure custody of a diverse range of XRP-powered assets, including the native XRPL token (XRP) itself. 

This strategic move expands our custody capabilities, enabling institutions and individuals to create powerful applications around custody and tokenisation and securely store and manage their XRP tokens within our robust infrastructure.

Secure and manage your digital assets with Liminal

Fortress-like Security: Leverage Liminal’s multi-layered security architecture to protect your XRP tokens against unauthorised access and malicious activities.

Granular Control: Define and enforce user permissions for seamless asset management, ensuring only authorised individuals can access and manage XRP.

Multi-signature Wallet Governance: Share control and responsibility for secure custody with multi-signature wallet functionality, promoting transparency and accountability.

Real-time Compliance Monitoring: Maintain regulatory compliance with automated reporting and monitoring of XRP transactions on the XRPL network.

DeFi Connectivity: Connect your multi-party wallet with our institutional Defi wallets MetaMask and Wallet Connect directly from our dashboard to access dApps.  

Our XRPL integration extends beyond secure storage. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of features to empower institutions and individuals:

Streamlined Workflows: Automate routine tasks and manage XRP transactions efficiently with customisable workflows.

Enhanced Liquidity: Leverage Liminal’s institutional network and integration with leading DeFi protocols to access deeper liquidity pools for XRP.

Scalable Solutions: Our infrastructure is built to handle high volumes of XRP transactions, ensuring smooth operations even during peak activity periods.

Why we integrated XRPL?

About XRPL

XRPL is a high-performance, open-source Layer-1 blockchain built on the Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) consensus algorithm, enabling fast (3-5 seconds) and secure peer-to-peer transfer of diverse assets like XRP, fiat currencies, stablecoins, and NFTs. 

Its permissionless access and robust functionality, including native token issuance and escrow, empower developers to build innovative Web3 applications like cross-border payments, DeFi protocols, and NFT marketplaces. XRPL’s growing ecosystem and proven track record make it a powerful platform for shaping the future of decentralised finance and beyond.

Use-Cases of XRPL

  • Fast, borderless payments: Send and receive assets (XRP, fiat, NFTs) globally in seconds with low fees. Ideal for remittances, treasury payments, payroll, and cross-border transactions.
  • Flexible asset tokenisation: Issue any kind of token (fungible, stablecoin, NFT, CBDC) on the XRPL. 5,400+ currencies already issued as of May 2022.
  • On-chain DeFi: Access decentralised financial services like trading on the native DEX directly from your XRP Ledger wallet.
  • CBDC integration: Enable efficient and secure interoperability between CBDCs and other payment systems using XRP Ledger tokenisation.
  • Stablecoin issuance: Financial institutions can issue and manage reliable, compliant stablecoins on the XRP Ledger.

The XRP Token

XRP, the native digital asset of the XRP Ledger, empowers a seamless Web3 experience. From instantaneous global payments with minimal fees to decentralised exchange (DEX) trading and NFT purchases, XRP fuels a vibrant ecosystem for developers and users alike.

Accessible to anyone with a wallet and internet connection, XRP offers:

Frictionless cross-border payments: Transfer XRP across continents in seconds, ideal for remittances, treasury operations, and global transactions.

Native DEX integration: Trade a wide range of digital assets directly on the XRPL DEX, leveraging XRP’s liquidity and speed.

NFT gateway: Purchase, sell, and hold NFTs on the XRPL, unlocking an innovative and secure platform for digital collectables.

Get Started with XRPL Onboarding

XRPL is leading the charge when it comes to creating an effective payment layer for institutions, building the most practical model for a blockchain. 

We are excited to work with protocols working on XRPL native technology and create the next best apps in payment, tokenisation and decentralised finance

Join Liminal and access a consolidated wallet infrastructure framework to secure and scale your XRPL assets.

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