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Liminal x Telos: Maximising Cold Wallet Operations For Telos’s Assets

| December 21, 2023

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Liminal X telos

Traditional cold storage solutions were infamous for their operational hurdles and limited accessibility, dragging down asset liquidity and leaving institutions with far more redundancy, limiting scalability at the cost of increased security. 

But they continue to add value, given that they add an uncompromised layer of private key protection to keep a significant portion of their portfolio untouched. 

And that’s what is changing for key infrastructure-building platforms. The next generation of protocols are switching to a more robust style of managing cold wallets, one not restricted in their natural form but expansive in functionality. 

Unlock the potential of digital assets for your institution

At Liminal, we have matured our cold wallet infrastructure to relay a fully equipped, non-custodial, customisable, compatible, and compliance-led solution, which will be used extensively by the Telos chain. 

Liminal Takes Cold Wallet Security to the Next Level, Bringing Telos Chain Onboard

At Liminal, we’re not just pushing the boundaries of institutional-grade security; we’re shattering them. 

To eliminate the native usage of cold wallets and make them fortified, we have engineered our cold wallets to work faster and more securely on an institutional scale. 

Think customised workflows for seamless integration with hot wallets, intricate compliance and risk monitoring, and faster transaction processing – all under the impenetrable shield of our multi-party computation (MPC)-powered cold wallet infrastructure. 

Secure and manage your digital assets with Liminal

This is the future of treasury security, and we’re thrilled to announce that Telos, a prominent and continuously evolving Layer-1 EVM chain, has chosen Liminal to safeguard its holdings within our cold wallet infrastructure.

Telos Looking To Expand Cold Storage Transactions

For Telos to deliver speed and efficiency in transactions and keep a low-risk strategy, managing cold wallets was becoming a logistical and security problem. They needed a solution that was secure, agile, and built for the future of Web3.

With Liminal, Telos found the perfect fit between flexibility, elimination of manual execution and putting assets to better and a bank-grade treasury experience. Here’s how:

Fort Knox-level security: Liminal’s MPC-powered wallets ensure the highest level of security for Telos’ TLOS and other assets, eliminating single points of failure and malicious insider threats.

Risk and compliance on autopilot: Our built-in firewall monitors all transactions, automatically flagging suspicious activity and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Staking from the cold: Telos can now seamlessly plug into our institutional staking solution, maximising their asset security while generating passive income.

Governance made easy: Liminal facilitates faster and more secure key management for Telos’ governance processes, ensuring smooth distribution and recovery.

Frictionless asset movement: Policy-controlled asset movements provide Telos with granular control over their treasury, while real-time reporting keeps them informed at every step.

After our recent addition of the Telos chain in our custody and wallet infra, we are now pushing hard to develop an even greater collaboration with the team to foster their infrastructure and give them more power to expand their ecosystem. 

Forward-thinking Institutions Breaking Free from Cold Wallet Limitations With Liminal 

The future lies in cold storage solutions that go beyond just bolstered security. Today’s Web3 pioneering institutions must prioritise operational efficiency and liquidity by tackling issues like lack of interoperability, slow signing delays, and inconsistencies in multi-approver setups. Only then can institutions truly gain a robust, agile, and transparent grip on their crypto assets.

Liminal’s partnership with Telos is a fine example of how mainstream chains are modifying their cold wallets to operate on a practical level, powering policies like — whitelisting, roles and permissions, and automation — to add even more layers of protection.

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