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Liminal x Scalex: Securing Africa’s Leading Crypto-Fiat Platform

| December 8, 2023

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Liminal x Scalex

The entire ecosystem of digital assets has been fundamentally shaped and supported by platforms providing services like swapping, trading, bridging, ramp, P2P, and OTC desks. The advanced functionality, security, and user-friendliness they offer to everyday users are instrumental in driving trust and adoption within the industry.

In the endeavour to establish digital currencies as a viable and even superior asset class for the next generation, laying the groundwork for a seamless transaction flow is essential. This challenge is amplified in regions with limited banking infrastructure, such as Africa, where users need help accessing even basic financial tools. 

At Liminal, we are pioneering this exact use case from the get-go, identifying problems in transactional flow, asset management, wallet governance, convenience and interoperability to build a robust infrastructure that allows institutions to run smooth operations, install bank-grade custody and advance their wallet security, all from a unified hub.  

Unlock the potential of digital assets for your institution

Liminal Partners with Scalex to Deliver a Stable and Interoperable Crypto-Fiat Exchange Experience

Our inherent commitment to crafting secure, scalable, and sustainable solutions for capital-intensive investment platforms has always been guided by a multi-layered and network-agnostic approach.

Taking this approach to serving the African market, we are excited to announce our new partner-in-custody, Scalex. Scalex is a leading ramp infrastructure for crypto and fiat, securing transactions and expanding to newer solutions. 

Scalex has built a rich infrastructure solution stack, including a crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto bridge, peer-to-peer trading, an on and off-ramp solution to connect to the world of DeFi, an easy-to-implement API and SDK environment, and a large-volume trading desk. Scalex’s motto is to offer a stable and secure platform for the African community to trade in digital assets, add more power to the functions of organisations throughout the world with the highest throughput and confidence.  

Secure and manage your digital assets with Liminal

Scalex, looking to elevate its security game and find a more infrastructurally stable wallet solution that supports a wide range of chains and assets, came across Liminal and found us to be the most noteworthy provider of wallet-as-a-service with a rich stack of security, compliance, and automation integrations to simplify their user onboarding journey in Africa.  

Leveraging our deep expertise in collaborating with trading platforms, we are now strategically expanding our reach into uncharted territories like Africa, aiming to establish a strong presence and cultivate knowledge around embedding enhanced security protocols into existing institutional applications. Our partnership with Scalex, a pioneer in revolutionizing secure and fast trading in Africa, will serve as a springboard for Liminal to enter this fast-growing market, engage with a diverse customer base, foster collaboration, and identify evolved vulnerabilities within ramp infrastructures, ultimately paving the way for seamless integration of our product into this dynamic use case.

Rahil Shaikh

AVP, Product & Reliability Engineering, Liminal

Liminal Fortifies Scalex with a Secure Multi-Chain Wallet Infrastructure

The key problem statement for Scalex was to address their concerns in infrastructure stability with growing solutions and the number of transactions and find an institutional wallet infrastructure solution that supports the leading chains and tokens in the same security layer to multiply their asset offering to their users as well. 

Scalex will be solving these particular problem statements by implementing the following of Liminal’s services:

  • Industry-Leading Security Protocols: Scalex will utilise our wallet infrastructure for their security protocol layer, made possible by acquiring leading certifications such as ISO, SOC 2 and CCSS. 
  • Multi-Chain Support: Scalex will use our wallet infrastructure to expand its treasury with new assets it can now secure and offer to its users for trading. 
  • Automation Engine: Scalex will power their wallets, processing redundant transactions into a policy-controlled mechanism to improve the speed, reduce cost and give better trading experience to its users. 

Defining An Improved Infrastructure for Scalex to Onboard 10 Million Africans Into Crypto

After working with exchanges and trading platforms in the Indian and Southeast Asia region, we are now excited to work with Scalex, giving them a dedicated experience of setting up wallets, setting the right policies, integrating a maximum number of supported chains and assets and reduce their operational cost to help them deliver on their promise of onboarding 10 million Africans into Web3 driven solutions by 2030.  

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