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Liminal x Bitwyre: Unveiling a Secure Wallet Infrastructure for Crypto Derivatives

December 5, 2023

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Liminal x Bitwyre

The rise of digital assets was driven by exchanges, which became the gateway to the Web3 investment journey for over 90% of investors. By providing a fast, cheap, and secure trading experience and eliminating the need for users to manage their keys, exchanges have simplified access to Web3 for novice investors despite their centralised nature.

While most exchanges initially opened only spot markets to investors, the derivatives market was the catalyst for higher trading volumes and better reward opportunities.

At Liminal, we began our journey by focusing on solving problems for exchanges primarily, as they are the hotspots for theft and attacks with such an influx of users and assets locked in their wallets. So, each time we onboard an exchange, we see it as an opportunity to define new standards for high-functional wallet management and to enable bank-grade security in the most streamlined manner possible.

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Liminal Expands Secure Custody To Bitwyre’s Electronic Trading Platform

In our mission to solve the underlying problem of digital asset management for the millions and billions of users in Web3, we have built an extensive platform that provides organisations with the infrastructure they need to secure user and client assets, fostering the trust of users in institutions and the digital asset ecosystem as a whole.

Taking this vision forward, we are pumped to announce our new partner-in-custody, Bitwyre, a centralised crypto exchange tailored to quantitative and high-frequency trading strategies. Bitwyre will be using our wallet-as-a-service to power their exchange wallet, leveraging our advanced governance configuration, powerful automation workflows, updated compliance integrations, and secure firewall monitoring.

We are proud to say that our experience working in exchanges and deep-diving into problems associated with running exchange wallets gives us the edge to provide a holistic framework for exchanges looking to deploy a fully-catered solution that opens up customisable parameter setting, installation of bank-grade security practices and a chain-agnostic approach. I’m sure Bitwyre joining the Liminal ecosystem will be another exchange-focused success story that we will be sharing with the community as we move to facilitate their quantitative trading platform with our institutional-grade architecture.

Dhruvil Shah
SVP of Technology

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Simplifying Bitwyre’s Transactional Workflow Through Policy-Driven Automation

The main problem statement for Bitwyre was their innate need to add a level of customisation in how they handled their wallets and processed transactions through them to maintain the right balances and fulfill user requests at all times.

With our hot and cold wallet infrastructure, what stood out to them was the add-ons of automation engine, gas fee saver and firewall settings, all accessible instantly through Liminal Express API integration.

Automation Engine: Bitwyre will be using our smart refill, auto sweep and consolidation features to create their own parameters of moving assets within their wallet ecosystem to keep the assets both safe and handy, standing true to their promise of providing high-frequency trading seamlessly.

Gas Fees Saver: Bitwyre will also be leveraging our gas fee saver algorithms to cut down their costs by 15% and also maintain a 100% transaction confirmation record that resonates with their positioning of providing their users with a hassle-free trading experience.

Firewall Setting: To track and monitor their transactions for risk profiles, anomaly and compliance checks, Bitwyre will be using our Firewall based policy-layer to ensure that all incoming and outgoing transactions are secure and compliant.

Aiding Bitwyre in Building an Exclusive Electronic Trading Exchange

Liminal’s swift implementation of Web3 wallet infrastructure enables institutions to engage with maximum security, robust treasury management, and seamless policy-driven workflows.

Through our collaboration with Bitwyre, we are pioneering a paradigm shift in their spot and derivatives exchange. This entails integrating industry-standard Web3 protocols for security, custody, and governance and streamlining wallet operations for their team.

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