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Liminal Processes Over $10 Billion in Digital Asset Transactions

| May 6, 2024

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Liminal Processes Over $10 Billion in Digital Asset Transactions

The burgeoning world of digital assets is slowly and steadily progressing toward becoming an inevitable asset class for transferring value and making payments. Now, the scope of digital assets used in everyday transactions may be near for retail users, but it still seems far-fetched for institutions.

So, what’s the main hurdle preventing institutions from fully realizing their digital asset operations? It’s the issue of transaction Scalability.  

Traditional blockchain networks often struggle to handle the high volume and velocity of transactions required by institutional investors. This bottleneck has limited institutions’ ability to embrace digital assets’ full potential. 

At Liminal, we have built a robust wallet infrastructure to help today’s institutions overcome this gap and run transactions at full capacity without worrying about failed or stuck transactions, network congestion, address, and compliance checks.  

With over three years in operations and serving 80+ partner to bring their funds into our wallets, we have achieved a major milestone. We have now successfully processed over $10 Billion worth of transactions. This accomplishment underscores Liminal’s commitment to building a robust and scalable infrastructure that empowers institutions to securely and efficiently manage their digital asset portfolios. 

Why Transaction Scalability Matters for Institutions 

For institutional investors, the ability to scale transaction volume is critical for several reasons: 

  • Increased Trading Activity: Institutions often engage in high-frequency trading strategies that require the rapid execution of a large number of transactions. A network that can’t keep pace can lead to missed investment opportunities and lost revenue. 
  • Portfolio Management: Institutions may hold diverse portfolios of digital assets across multiple exchanges and custodians. Efficiently managing these holdings requires the ability to move assets quickly and securely between different platforms. 
  • Settlement Efficiency: Timely settlement of trades is crucial for minimizing counterparty risk and ensuring operational efficiency. Scalable transaction processing allows institutions to settle trades promptly and avoid delays.

At Liminal, our main goal is to make managing digital assets safe, easy, and efficient for institutions. We’ve achieved this by building a powerful set of tools  – a “rich-stack”.  

Our wallet infrastructure system prioritizes three key features:

  • Unbreakable Security: Your assets are protected with the strongest security measures available, keeping them safe from any threats. 
  • Blazing-Fast Transactions: Transactions happen quickly and smoothly, even when dealing with large amounts of digital assets. Imagine never having to wait for a trade to go through! 
  • Adaptable Infrastructure: As your institution grows and your needs change, Liminal’s system can easily adapt to handle bigger volumes of transactions. It’s like a highway that can expand to handle more traffic! 

Liminal’s Wallet Infrastructure: Built for Performance 

Discover what sets our wallet infrastructure up for handling large-scale transactions: 

  • Blockchain Integrations: Liminal’s wallet infrastructure integrates with leading blockchain networks for seamless transactions. 
  • Restful APIs: Our plug-and-play architecture allows easy integration with existing systems through Restful APIs. 
  • Secure Access: We employ MPC and Multi-Sig configurations to ensure secure access to digital assets. 
  • Gas-Fee Saver: Our dedicated mechanism saves on gas fees, optimizing transaction costs for our clients. 
  • Policy-Based Asset Transfers: Asset transfers are governed by customizable policies and thresholds, enhancing security and control. 
  • Hot and Cold Wallet Transition: Smooth transition of assets between hot and cold wallets ensures optimal asset management and security. 
  • Transaction Finality Algorithm: Our system ensures 100% transaction finality, providing certainty and reliability for all transactions. 
  • Compliance Checks: We conduct rigorous compliance checks, including Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer/Your Business (KYC/KYB), and Travel Rule compliance.
  • Hardware Security: Funds are stored securely using FIPS-certified hardware devices, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access. 
  • Security Certifications: Liminal holds industry-standard security certifications such as CCSS, ISO, and SOC, ensuring the highest level of security for our clients’ assets.

Liminal’s Commitment to Scalability 

“Reaching 10 billion transactions processed is a testament to the robustness and scalability of Liminal’s platform,” says Rahil Shaikh, AVP – Product, Reliability Engineering at Liminal. “We understand the critical need for institutions to manage their digital assets efficiently, and we are committed to continuously innovating and optimizing our technology to meet their evolving requirements.”

The Next Frontier For Liminal’s Wallet Infra  

With our continued wallet infrastructure services now expanding to custodial wallets, we aim to secure larger AUM, process far more transactions for our clients, reduce the manual hours spent managing transactions, and ultimately process transactions with utmost precision.

Our next goal is to achieve real-time transaction processing capabilities, allowing institutions to settle trades instantaneously.

Liminal’s successful processing of $10 billion in transactions is a significant milestone, but it’s just the beginning. Liminal is paving the way for a future where institutions can confidently participate in the digital asset revolution by focusing on scalability, security, and efficiency.

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