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Liminal Introduces Staking For Blockchain Businesses

| November 17, 2023

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In the primitive setup of blockchains, assets were mostly a by-product of building applications and a way to crowdfund the operations and inculcate a way for users to input those assets in supporting the ecosystem, but now the consensus mechanism have changed for blockchains and the premise of crypto finances has developed better narratives beating the traditional finances. 

Staking is one of those pillars that has transformed how we overlook earning passively and has found an intricate place in the entire ecosystem build-up of a decentralized economy encapsulating elements like: 

  • Building sustainable consensus mechanism
  • Helps validate blocks on-chain
  • De-Intensify energy consumption
  • Generate rewards for stakers
  • Strengthens the network security
  • Stabilises the price action for the asset staked

Unlock the potential of digital assets for your institution

To facilitate the numerous benefits of locking assets, initiate a bigger movement to create scalable asset management systems and enlarge the value potential of assets, we are bringing a new facet of Liminal; Institutionalized Staking. 

Why should Institutions Stake Crypto Assets Actively? 

A widespread influence of centralized and decentralized applications nurturing the case of cryptocurrency has prompted a definite need to not just manage and securitize assets for these institutions and protocols but to multiply their liquidity and create an immense impact on the network as a whole. 

Staking as a concept brings about more clarity for an institution to park their assets in a medium that curates and amplifies networks, maintains transaction ledger aptly, improves the stability coefficient of decentralized markets and induces better asset control overall. 

Secure and manage your digital assets with Liminal

Supporting The Proof-Of-Stake Consensus Narrative 

After a long-run by Bitcoin enabled Proof-Of-Work consensus, Proof-Of-Stake quickly became the flag-bearer for building eco-friendly, sustainable and establishing an impending status quo of a prevailed consensus mechanism for future applications. 

With protocol staking level approaching a paradigm shift, institutions locking their assets would make the biggest change in the validator-delegator model providing enough amplitude to the Proof-Of-Stake model to sustain the resource and energy-efficient options.

Added Incentives To Capitalize User Funds 

For both CeFi and DeFi protocols handling user funds is an activity that is subjected to utmost scrutiny, hence becomes a thoughtful decision-making process. Out of all the possible actions, staking is calculatively the most viable course of action to add-up the liquidity and capitalize the value appreciation of user funds. 

The incentive acquired from user funds by protocols can then be further replenished as giveaways or rebates to the more frequent users and investors and empower community participation proactively. 

Governance Level Network Optimization 

For those protocols who tend to stick to a particular network or build applications specific to a type of technological utility, often hold sizable volumes of those network native tokens. When they stake out those tokens for long, they become an active entity in their governance environment and can influence the network optimization and support on-chain modifications. 

This directly impacts their community users and the protocol itself, by marking improvement proposal changes in their native DAO, vote on network-level fund distribution, modifying resource distribution all contributing to attaining higher degree of stability, security and yields for assets staked. 

Liminal Powered Self Custody 

Institutionalized Staking 

In accordance with our self custody, wallet and asset management services, we take another step to extend our services and enlarge the journey of asset control for web3 institutions by introducing Institutionalized Staking. 

Levering the infrastructure setup we offer, adding staking only solidifies the ecosystem we have built to delegate and indulge the assets in wallet hold-off to be put into rehabilitating the network and become frontline validators in turn, leading the operations of decentralized asset custody even when staked. 

Partnering With Figment 

We have enabled the most accurate and leading staking rewards by partnering up with Figment, which is one of pioneers in crafting solutions for institutions to embed staking into their arsenal.

Standing strong to our ethos of bringing the best of all, we are proud to present the best staking platform in association with Figment, integrating above standard earnings for major custodians in the market. 

Initiating Staking With $ATOM & $MATIC 

We are ushering a new era of secure institutionalized staking, with 2 of the most colossal TVL led blockchains native tokens; ATOM and MATIC. 

For a fixed period of time, we are also offering the most competitive returns of ATOM and MATIC staking as well ranging up to 20.53% and 8% respectively. 

After the initialization period, we are already working to bring additional infrastructurally strong coins like ADA, BNB and DOT to boost their FDV. 

Cold Wallet Staking Linkage 

Propounding by the need for security parameters, we are revolutionizing the staking module for institutions prioritizing their asset wallet on and off loading. With a majority of institutions holding their major asset volume in custody of cold wallets, we have integrated staking right from our cold wallets. 

This maximizes extraction of passive earnings without compromising asset security, through our industrial-level framework implementation of secure practices and compliances to better suit institutions with digital asset support. 

In a perfect amalgamation of the aforementioned feature stack, we are stoked to broaden the scope of our self custody infrastructure with the new dimension of staking, to produce a new facet of secure, composable and immutable earnings all the while keeping full control of assets.

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