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Liminal Gets Accredited By CCSS: Becomes Second Platform To Get Level-3 Certificate

| November 17, 2023

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The evolution of digital assets into a trillion-dollar industry has overseen a fair share of uncertainty when it comes providing a clear statement on regulations. To support the use-case of digital assets and guide its adoption into different jurisdictions, custody solution providers are partnering up with multi-level regulatory authorities and consortiums to establish a solid framework for security, scalability and efficiency.

While there is a profound need to input regulations in various levels of digital asset operations, security is one parameters that has been most debated about. Currently there exists only a handful of organisation who have standardise how a subset of digital assets, cryptocurrencies can be utilised while protecting interest of investors and avoid any technical or methodical compromise.

Building on this idea and to take a step further into the world of digital asset security, we are proud to share that we at Liminal have become only the second digital asset custody platform to be granted CryptoCurrency Security Standard Level-3 certificate.

What entails CCSS as an industry-leading information-security standard?

The mainstream positioning of cryptocurrencies, the existence of a decentralised ecosystem and the vulnerability to hacks, all these factors are a testament of why security as a component is a major bottleneck problem when dealing with crypto assets. It is also hard to calculate what makes a thorough security module because of the lack of confidence in organisations asset security protocol, following the fragmentation and non-standardisation of asset protection guidelines.

CryptoCurrency Security Standard is a renowned certification granted to crypto-native organisations or enterprises, who integrate their existing systems with digital assets. CCSS is an definitive certification centered directly towards digital asset systems. CCSS as a security protocol is meant to add on top of industry-standard and globally accepted ISO certificates (i.e. ISO 27001:2013) to compliment the standards of security measures.

CCSS certification founded in 2014, was crucial to formulate standard practices to approach information security for digital assets, introduced at the very junction of breakthrough of Bitcoin. Having build an intense set of rules and metrics to check a platform, wallet provider or custody platform, categorised by different levels to represent different adaptations of safety frameworks, CCSS certificate is rare commodity in the world of asset security for cryptocurrencies.

CCSS encapsulates multiple custody and wallet systems in an entity and grades them differentially from Level 1 to Level 3 according their specific security alignment; Self-Custody, Quality Service Provider and Full System. CCSS certifications are authenticated by a Steering Committee, who maintains the security standards and follows the trending practices while evaluating and auditing protocols.

Pushing the boundaries of Asset Security at Liminal

By achieving CCSS Level 3 certification we are on track to inculcate an extraordinary feat into our journey of building the most inclusive asset security platform for enterprises and organisations. We have always stressed on attaining the right certifications, authentication from communities and consortiums to validate Liminal’s different functions and innovative asset management and optimisation offerings.

Furthermore, CCSS representatives thoroughly examined a comprehensive set of security measures and metrics that we use to protect user data, funds and transactions. The CCSS certificate granted to Liminal was based of our key solutions namely Liminal Hot Wallet, Cold Wallet, Liminal Secure Transfer Environment, Liminal Authorisation Workflow, Liminal Automated Refill Engine, Liminal EVM Fee Saver Workflow and Liminal Policy Engine.

Following our list of ISO and SOC certificates SOC2 Type 1 and 2, ISO 27001, 27701, the accreditation of CCSS-QSP Level 3 certification is a clear testament of our continued efforts to strengthen the platform and consolidate the security and compliance structures explicitly to fortify digital assets.

Partner up with Liminal and get an exhaustive audit of your system and become CCSS compliant.

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