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Liminal Expands Secure Custody Markets With Crypto Valley Logo and Crypto UK Logo

| November 17, 2023

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The application of cryptocurrency wallets has seen its fair share of highs and lows, transforming into an entity that needs to be highly regulated to keep them running efficiently and viably, especially when operated with high volume of transactions.

Resolving this issue in the most intrinsic way possible, Liminal is building a wallet and custody infrastructure to support Institutions across the globe to build their self-custody wallets and maintain full authorization over how they utilize, process and capitalize their treasury of digital assets.

The current ecosystem of Liminal combines various use-case types in Web3 from the likes of Crypto Exchanges, Payment Gateways, Hedge Funds, Corporate Treasuries and Custodians.

Bringing this sophistication of building wallets with utmost priority on security and compliance we are now entering into the European markets, to establish our presence and collaborate deeply with institutions working extensively on digital assets, either giving a simplified gateway to the end-users or creating larger impact blockchain tech.

Liminal’s Collaboration With Crypto Valley and Crypto UK

Building infrastructure framework solutions for asset security is a process that will enable establishment opportunities on a broader scale with its implementation results accessed by millions, setting new industry standards for how enterprises are meant to maintain optimum control over their own and user assets.

With this vision in place, we extended our arms to join the associations of Crypto Valley and Crypto UK, and bring forth our platform to be utilized by players in the European markets, inscribing a definitive change in wallet operationality and improved efficiency.

CryptoUK and Crypto Valley Association are both prominent organizations in the blockchain and digital asset sectors. They have their unique characteristics and serve different purposes in the industry.

Crypto UK and Liminal

Crypto UK is a leading trade body that represents the digital asset sector in the UK. The organization works directly with policymakers and market participants to develop balanced regulatory and governance policies in the UK.

The primary goal of Crypto UK is to foster a favourable environment for the digital asset industry to grow and thrive in the UK. CryptoUK serves as a representative for the digital asset industry in the UK, advocating for its members and the broader industry’s interests.

By joining CryptoUK, Liminal is committing to support the development of the digital asset sector in the UK and contribute to the organization’s efforts to create a favourable regulatory environment.

Crypto Valley and Liminal

Crypto Valley Association is an eminent blockchain and distributed ledger ecosystem worldwide. It is based in Switzerland and has a presence in Europe and beyond.

The organization aims to foster a blockchain ecosystem that attracts businesses, investors, and talent to Switzerland. Crypto Valley Association provides its members with access to a network of blockchain and crypto-related organizations, events, and resources.

By joining Crypto Valley Association, Liminal can leverage its network to interact with various Web3 players in Europe, with a focus on Switzerland.

Pushing Liminal Towards Distributed Growth

Liminal recognizes the importance of collaboration and networking to foster growth and innovation in the industry. Liminal’s membership in CryptoUK and Crypto Valley Association is a broader commitment to simplify the implementation of wallet custody, security and innovation.

By being a part of these associations, Liminal can leverage its resources, networks, and knowledge to stay updated on the latest trends, policies, and best practices in the blockchain and digital asset industry.

Apart from being a member of CryptoUK and the Crypto Valley Association, Liminal is also part of several other significant associations across APAC MENA regions. These associations include Blockchain Australia, Singapore Fintech Association (SFA), Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia, Bharat Web3 Association (India), and CODE (Korea).

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