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Liminal collaborates with Builders Tribe under an Accelerator Program.

| November 17, 2023

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We at Liminal are thrilled to announce our partnership with Builders Tribe as part of an accelerator program. Builders Tribe is a Web3 native incubator collaborating with various ​​founders and investors in building something new. In the same spirit, the Liminal x Builders Tribe Accelerator Program aims to support emerging crypto-native projects.

This program will help companies to scale their operations in the most secure, efficient, and compliant way. With this, let’s understand more about the program.

What does this collaboration entail for your young company/business?

Via this program, we are offering various host benefits, including-

  • Compliance: We consider compliances to be extremely important since they have the potential to assist in identifying and preventing illegal behavior/activity. This is why, when you integrate with Liminal, there are zero costs associated with the benefit of AML Integration and CCSS compliance consultation.
  • Consultation: In keeping up with the changing dynamics of the crypto sphere, a consultation can assist in finding the pain point while strengthening the ecosystem. Liminal provides you with consultation services on Wallet Operations, Security, and Compliance. You also get Wallet Recovery Training, Set-up assistance, and Premium Support every step of the way.
  • Devices: A fundamental concern for preventing the hacking and theft of digital assets is the proper storage of private keys. This being the case, Liminal sends 3 Ledger Nano X to protect your investments.
  • Gas Fee Saving: Liminall’s programmatic approach to optimizing transaction costs can help you save thousands of dollars as you only pay the lowest possible fee. Additionally, you immediately get assured and efficient transaction settlement irrespective of the network status.
  • Pricing: The standard pricing costs you USD 3000 per month however you get a flat 70% discount, and you only pay USD 890 per month. Meanwhile, you also get Liminal credits worth USD 100K per user at USD 299 instead of USD 499
  • Insured Liminal Key: Liminal key has full insurance coverage of USD 50 million Canopius (Lloyds of London). So if something were to happen to our primary key and our backup key, and our clients suffered a loss because of that, then the insurance would kick in.

These were major highlights of the benefits that we are offering as a host. You will be surprised to know that all these benefits could result in annual savings of USD 59,000.


At Liminal, we help organizations in making their digital assets secure, efficient, compliant, and profitable without letting go of control or ownership of private keys. It is our ultimate goal to make Digital Custody simplified, secure, and cost-effective.

Besides, when you connect with us, you also gain access to the “Liminal network.” You are introduced to Bankers, Attorneys, and Web3 Marketing firms that specialize in helping startups just like yours scale their businesses.

Register here.

Learn more about Liminal here.

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