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A Stride To Accelerate CCSS Standard With Confide

| November 17, 2023

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In the fast-evolving landscape of digital assets, security and compliance are becoming a non-debatable commodity adding paramount importance for Institutions to offer services to users. As businesses and individuals increasingly embrace digital assets in essential value transfer modes, safeguarding these assets and ensuring regulatory compliance has become a necessity more than anything else. In light of this, we are thrilled to announce the partnership between Liminal, a secure and compliant custody platform for digital assets, and Confide. This strategic collaboration aims to provide enhanced security and compliance solutions to institutions, enabling them to safeguard their digital assets and achieve regulatory standards seamlessly.

A Two-Way Referral Partnership

To elevate the cause of digital assets and to instill all-around accessibility of CCSS security standards by Institutions, we have come to an agreement with Confide to build a network of referrals for each other. This two-way referral system will lead to Liminal and Confide sharing their contacts who are seeking either a secure platform that is CCSS compliant in providing custody services or is seeking a platform to get their CCSS standard audited once implemented. In the fight to put the highest security standards widely available for Web3 native Institutions, this is a perfect alignment to share resources, expertise and ecosystem to drive each other’s categories of providing valuable security services.

Putting CCSS On The Map

One of the primary objectives of the Liminal-Confide partnership is to raise awareness about the importance of security and compliance in the digital asset management space. Specifically, the focus will be on educating organizations about the Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS), a widely recognized framework for securing digital assets. By spreading awareness about CCSS compliance, Liminal and Confide aim to empower businesses to secure their entire operations, including wallets, in a CCSS-compliant manner. CCSS is an essential arsenal for both Institutions and end users, as it provides the organization with much-needed assurance that the systems set by them across their Wallet infrastructure are immaculately secure and it gives the users a trusteeship to safely put their funds and enjoy the services without being in fear of loss of funds of hacks happening at the backend of the organization. For a long time, Web3 protocols, both CeFi and DeFi have experienced all sorts of hacks and malware that end up draining their wallets for assets worth millions of dollars because of the lack of a structured security framework. CCSS solves exactly this loophole and brings much-needed clarity to the already existing security parameters put in place by an organization, becoming an industry-leading standard for all Web3 Institutions to acquire and be accredited with.

Liminal At The Forefront Of CCSS Adoption

Liminal, with its state-of-the-art secure custody platform, provides clients with a robust infrastructure for storing and managing digital assets securely. By partnering with Confide, a trusted provider of independent assurance services, we can now offer our clients a comprehensive range of compliance solutions aligned with CCSS requirements. Confide’s expertise in specialized information security frameworks will enable organizations to navigate the complex landscape of compliance effortlessly, ensuring that their digital assets are protected against potential threats. The collaboration with Confide lines up exactly with our vision to create a holistic approach to digital asset management, addressing both the technological and compliance aspects, thereby installing confidence and peace of mind. As an institutional-grade custody platform, we are committed to spreading awareness about CCSS compliance and helping businesses secure their digital assets effectively. As the digital asset landscape continues to evolve, partnerships like this will amplify our position as a leading CCSS provider, building trust and transparency throughout the domain of digital assets and fostering wider adoption in the industry, inherently for Institutions and ultimately for users.

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