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A Recap of Our Webinar On Digital Asset Investing For Family Offices

| April 18, 2024

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At Liminal, we have always been at the forefront of bringing together curated experiences for institutions looking to learn more about digital assets, wallets, custody, compliance, and more.

In lieu of our most recent institutional custody launch, we hosted a brand new webinar series titled “Block & Key,” designed to start conversations around key problems for dedicated teams running point of managing digital assets in institutions and provide distinctive frameworks by experts in the domain.

Our first webinar was focused on Family Offices. Family offices are increasingly exploring the potential of digital assets, but navigating the complexities can be daunting. Our webinar aimed to bridge this gap by providing valuable insights and expert discussions specifically tailored for family offices.

The Block & Key series featured insightful discussions with a panel of industry experts, including digital asset custody specialists, legal and tax professionals, financial journalists, and asset managers. These thought leaders shed light on various aspects crucial for family office investment decisions:

  • Understanding the Regulatory Landscape: The webinar unpacked the current state of digital asset regulation around the world, helping family offices navigate the legal complexities.
  • Investing Fundamentals: Experts explored the “why” and “how” of digital asset investing, equipping family offices with the knowledge to make informed decisions.
  • Market Trends & Insights: The panel discussed emerging trends shaping the global digital asset landscape, providing valuable foresight for family offices.
  • Custody, Legal & Tax Considerations: The webinar addressed the critical aspects of secure custody solutions, legal implications, and tax considerations related to digital asset investments.

The Future of Digital Asset Investing for Family Offices

Our first webinar was surely a hit and laid down the premises for family office institutions to securely and compliantly invest in digital assets, as our panel of experts shared.

The conversation concluded with anecdotes, optimism, and a roadmap for family offices to explore the future of digital assets as a valuable asset class. Family offices can gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks and rewards and the right investment strategies to thrive in this evolving financial landscape.

If you missed the webinar, check out the full recording here.


PS: Reach out to our custody expert if your family office is on the lookout for a wallet infrastructure and digital asset custody platform.

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