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$50 Million Insurance cover on Liminal Key Security

| November 17, 2023

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We are very thrilled to announce that your keys are now backed with an Insurance Cover of $50 million. Yes, you read it right $50 million! This blog will take you through everything, but first, this coverage is provided by Costero Brokers, a Lloyd’s of London broker.

Let’s take you through some background details-

We have one key in every customer wallet that is operated and managed by Liminal. This key is an enterprise-grade HSM Key used for enforcing policies set by the clients and for paying blockchain network fees.

Meanwhile, We have taken two backups of this key on two separate physical devices. This backup ensures that if something were to happen to the online primary key, then we can restore the same using this backup device. We have taken two backup devices, so this acts as a backup of a backup.

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So, if we already have a backup of the backup, then what’s the risk?

We do see a lot of tension in the crypto market because of the unfortunate incidents that have happened in the past. And we do not want our customers to get affected in any way. Hence, we figured out every possible situation that can go wrong and how we can help our customers in such situations.

If something happens to our primary key and our backup key, for instance, physical damage, theft, etc., and our clients suffer a loss because of that, then the insurance will kick in.

Now that you have understood the circumstances under which the insurance is covered.

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It’s time to throw some light on the amount and its distribution

When we say you are secured until you are #LiminalSecure, we mean every word of it. This is why we have taken a cover of USD 50 million, which we split across all clients in proportion to their AUP.

Lastly, as our founder says, “Though unfortunate, it’s a reality that investors have experienced an increased potential for lost funds. Hence, Liminal aims to help protect users from these threats and establish several layers of protection. This extra step helps make Liminal one of the safest and insured wallet platforms for businesses or individuals to use”

What’s the wait? Become #LiminalSecure today and sleep peacefully without worrying about your assets.

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