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Unparalleled Security

Protect your digital assets with Liminal’s industry-leading MPC and MultiSig technology, ensuring the highest level of security for your Polygon-based assets.

Expert Management

Leverage Liminal’s comprehensive custody solutions, including hot and cold wallet infrastructure, to manage and protect your assets with unwavering protection

Reduced Rates

Enjoy the full suite of custody features at a significantly reduced rate. Pay only $890 for the first 6 months, saving approximately 70% on regular fees.

Gas-Free Transactions

Rest easy knowing that we cover transaction processing fees, eliminating hidden costs and enhancing cost-efficiency.

Dedicated Support

Have a dedicated expert in Tezos blockchain at your service, ready to assist you in any way needed, ensuring prompt and personalized assistance.

Rapid Response SLA

Expect prompt responses to your queries. Our team of experts will address your questions in less than 24 hours, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity

Why opt for an advanced digital asset custody program?

Addressing the Critical Challenges of Traditional Custody Solutions

Interoperability Limitations

Secure wallets like Gnosis need major chain interoperability, hindering diversification

Cold Wallet

Cold wallet storage poses a single point of failure risk and needs to be integrated into a complete wallet infrastructure

Cyber Threats
and Security

Institutional wallets face serious cyber threats, demanding a proactive security approach

Browser Wallet Vulnerability

Non-custodial wallets like MetaMask may be insufficient and require careful asset management

Digital Asset
Custody Complexity

Existing solutions are complex, hindering institutions’ adoption and full asset utilization

Automation and Protection Features

In-house solutions may lack essential features crucial for operations and asset protection

Power your Tezos project with our secure wallets, automation workflows and DeFi connectivity

Experience unparalleled security, streamlined operations, and seamless integration with DeFi apps

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